Labor Day Event – Epic Pub Crawl

This just went out to the masses!  Let’s see who shows up and what occurs.  Videos/Pics/stories/obituaries will be posted asap!



Important information in last paragraph!

Friends, Romans, and Countrymen, lend us your ears!

Tomorrow marks 4 score and seven years ago, we the people decided labor day in the year of 2011 shall henceforth whereto herein shall be referred to as Epic Day. Starting at noon o’clock tomorrow from the Lodinian gym, we will be starting our quest to conquer Denver and it’s libations.

Ok, for the reals, we are doing a BICYCLE pub crawl leaving LoDo at noon. Race course and schedule of events will be made available upon your arrival. Your attendance is mandatory, but please RSVP to let us know you will be there, so we don’t leave your tardy ass behind.

I can only send this message to 20 people, so please send this onto any friends/family/siblings/unknown children/”the help” that may want to partake. Please have them reply to me/add me as a friend/then reply to me so we can figure out details.

See you tomorrow you silly laborers!

PS – Dress Code – cute summer fun casual
PPS – We are going streaking through the quad to the gymnasium
PPPS – A complete video production of our Epic Day tomorrow will be completed by September 11th.
PPPPS – God Bless America…..The working class…..and Nick Jonas


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  1. Hopefully this is an annual event and I can be there next year.

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