Epic Labor Day!

“pretty sure he’s not in the same grade as you.”

“What’s fire? So it’s like eating a human?”

“Can you see my tears?”

“Do you remeber when boys to men were just boys to boys?”

“How do you fall returning a B-Cycle?”

The decision was made late on Sunday night to turn this labor day into the best, most epic, labor day of all time.  Hence a bike pub crawl was created.  10 bars…15 tasks…1 day!  Oh ya, and 2 go pro cameras to document the debautchery!  The goal was to head from Downtown Denver to the Wash Park area via Broadway, then back downtown through Cap Hill and Uptown.  And just like life, you shouldn’t plan anything except the next few moments.

Stop 1 - Blake Street - Equipment Check and explanation of the day

The day started off at Blake Street Tavern, our local watering hole, with Tom, Katie Mac, Kevin, Jessie and myself, a wolfpack of 5 if you will.  We spent the time downing a beer explaning the events of the day and wondering what state of conciousness we would be in 5 hours from now!  Stop 2 was supposed to be the rio for a tasty marg!  Labor Day = closed Rio = bush league.  But all worked out as Katie Mac convinced 3 fireman to plank with her in front of the rio with a shiny ax.  Girl was off to an early start!  Kevin, thanks for explaning how fire makes air and air makes wood and wood makes fire into wood….and why I thought it was like a human eating a human!  Ya, it was only drink #2 at that point.

Katie Planking Planking Firemen...and a shiny axe!

At this point, I got a text from Ryan to find out where we were and if we were going to B2M.  Call me Susan, but I had no clue what he was talking about.  It must have slipped my 30 something mind that Boys to Men were playing at the Taste of Colorado.  Much to my chagrin, our plans were changing.  Heading down to the Hornet, we were making a quick stop for a beer, then to Gov’s park for a bite (much needed) and then to see Men to Senior Citizens.  Unfortunately, the Taste of Colorado attracts anyone who has never been downtown, hence we couldn’t get anywhere near the stage and decided to hightail it to Marg’s taco bistro.  At this point our crew had grown from 5 to 11.  After a couple drinks at Marg’s the Pterodactyl came out.  Unfortunately, Leslie became the victim of many attacks.   If you don’t know what pterodactyling is, you may get an idea from the picture below.

"You are so annoying!"

The group decided the last stop of the night was going to be 1 Up for some photo boothing, 40’s, jenga, and street fighter.  The beers were purchased, 40’s cracked, dollars ready, and the photo booth broken!  So, with all the beer in hand we headed to the Jenga table which if you’ve ever played life sized Jenga in the dark after a day of drinking, you may know where this is headed.  I think the people in tables around us couldn’t figure out how we kept losing right after we had just set up the table.  Either way, games were played, games were won, games were lost, and libations were consumed.  After someone pointed out that it was actually 9pm on a Monday night, the group decided to split as the 4 letter word “work” circled many conversaions.  Can’t wait to do it again next year!  Thank you ‘Merica!

The final crew - Labor Day Epicing


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