So not sure what prompted it, but I have decided recently that I want to turn every word into a verb.  Not sure what I’m talking about…well let’s take a look at last Saturday.  After a standard night on the town closing down Blake Street Tavern and then on my roof with some Marquis Pizza, the crew decided to retire in order to rest up for another great Saturday! 

Blake Street Taverning - Closing it down as usual!

As we were breakfasting, we saw a commercial for a DQ Blizzard.  Suddenly all the sleepy eyes on the couch perked up and we out the door.  “Wouldn’t it be a great day for some Blizzarding!”  Hell ya!  Apparently it was my first time at the drive through as I pulled up directly to the window and was welcomed with a blank stare from the employee who politely asked, “is this your first time here?”  It took a minute to realize I missed the big menu and speaker.  Whatever!  We backed up, ordered, pulled back up and I thanked the girl for popping my DQ cherry and telling me how this fast food/dessert ordering system works.  Sensing her sarcasm and my ability to make a scene I decided to drive back into line where I was greeted with a “are you harassing me?” from the attendant.  Of course we were, but all I wanted was a lid and water.  Thank God Tom and Christina were in the same mood since we probably spent a total of 9.6 minutes talking to the girl in the drive through window before she told us we HAD to leave!

Christina Blizzarding - Don't worry, she burned off those calories later that night in her stripper competition

Next up we had to head to the gym to get it ready for the next day’s competition.  As I was cleaning, oh what did I find, a bottle of Vodka.  So we decided to do a little vodkaing as we were removing tape from the floor.  As you can imagine, untaping is a pretty exciting adventure, so the vodkaing added a little excitement to the afternoon. 

Vodkaing - Helps Brazilians remove tape!

After all this blizzarding and vodkaing we needed some food.  Tom, Christina, and I decided a little sushiing would suffice.  We headed to iFish to get a patio seat.  I think Tom and I said hi/talked to everyone that passed by.  Nothing like the unexpecting hello from a patron enjoying a meal as you walk by.  Definitely makes for some fun awkward moments!  PS their sushi salsa is awesome!  Our server “T-Dog” hooked us up with a bottle each to take home and I’ve used it on everything from eggs to salad to steak.  BOOM SOUCE!*

And as always, this epic saturday had to come to an end.  Well, at least we had to put in a couple of hours of work before we were back at it.  Oh wait, the day’s not over?  Tom meets me at Marg’s after some real estating for some marging and it turns out we are heading to Hayters for a CrossFit party.  Apparently Verve and Front Range meet up once a month to let loose.  Not only can these kids throw down in the gym, but they can crush it on the dance floor as well.  Even though, to the average person we had already had too much to drink, we decided to get more…because we CrossFit..duh!  As Tom turns to me and says, “PBR is on special, I’m getting 5! You get the next round of 5!” I knew this was going to end badly.  I don’t apologize for partying, so if anyone got upset at the sexy brazilian and myself, well, too bad!  At some point during this part of the night I left planet earth for..well…I don’t know.  Not to proud of it, but I’m also not to proud to beg (TLC What up!).  Since we are one of the newer gyms in town, it was great to meet some other people in the CrossFit community.  But, I’m sorry to say if the LoDo crew was there, the dance off may have had an undisputed champ!  Just sayin!  Is that a challenge, who knows…we will see!  Another day of epic proportions and another night of barefoot sunglass dancing in the books. 

I’m sure starting tonight off with a 50 nugget challenge as our pregame for Snowboard on the Rocks may bring some interesting stories!  Stay tuned!

Marg-ing! Be careful with the frozen've been warned.

*Boom souce citation – from Tom Ashby – Souce Bouse!


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  1. That… was a.. soucey post.

  2. And yes, those are glasses with lights in them!!!!

  3. Correction: I’m Slizzarding (Stripper blizzarding).

  4. I forgot! We actually figured out what ‘gettin’ slizzard’ meant! Crazy rappers!

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