It’s on at red rocks.

So, the Nugget challenge is in the books!  If you want to see the rules prior to the madness Tom lays them down in this video.

The contest started off with Sergio coming out of the gates swinging!  Homeboy downed 30 nuggets in 8 minutes!!!!  Even with that kind of pace, Tom held strong with his claim he was still going to win.  Ashley kept a fast pace and crushed the girls division of 20 nuggets!  Even if there were other girls in the competition, I think she would’ve come out on top.  Hell, the girl opened her beer can for the shotgun with her teeth!  I’m not joking, it was amazing, and kind of a turn on, not going to lie! 

Needless to say, the sexy brazilian kept a steady pace and came out on top.  It was amazing trying to see Sergio try to beat him with the final box of nuggets and almost puke twice just by taking the first bite of the nugget.  And to add insult to injury, Tom kept going.  He finished another handful of nuggets before the show and by night’s end had devoured upwards of 78 nuggets.  Most people would’ve been in the hospital, but this guy can crush food!

As many of you may be wondering, what were the after effects of this stupid contest?  Well, I for one have never felt so drunk in my life, even though I had only consumed 1 beer and 2 shots.  There’s something about fried food in this quantity that made me dizzy and I was even slurring my words.  I have no explanation, except that my body was maybe going into shock from the amount of pure sh!t I just put in my body.  And speaking of sh!t….that was not normal for a while.  According to Tom, it has never been so normal before!  I got to the point where I had to purchase some ex lax while I was on vacation in Vegas.  Too much info??? I don’t care, be warned.  And be careful with ex lax!  I thought after it not working 6 hours after ingestion that I was out of luck.  That is until I was violently woken up at 2am and maybe had 10 seconds to get to the bano!  Thank god for Words with Friends to take my mind off of my legs going numb from sitting on the can for upwards of 30 minutes.  Mind and body were free and clear after that! 

Thank God this is done and I will never have to do it again.

IF you want to see what Nugget Drunk looks like....


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