Working out with SwinglineCF, Miss BeFit and 303 Magazine

Rejalicious, Miss BeFit, and Swingline Crossfit Post 303 Magazine Helen WOD

It’s not everyday you have the opportunity to throw on some 80’s gear and crush a workout.  Thanks to SwinglineCF I was recently given the chance.  After drinking my face off for 3 days in San Francisco I jumped at the opportunity to push myself to the brink of puking.  Ya, sounds fun, doesn’t it.  Swingline was able to get 303 Magazine’s Miss BeFit to attend to show her what this whole CrossFit thing was about.  I will say there’s nothing more exhilarating than running down the street in 40 degree weather in short shorts with your mullet flapping in the wind and your fellow athletes rocking leg warmers and wristbands/headbands on a Tuesday afternoon at 2pm.  I’m pretty sure all the people driving by on their way to/from work were a bit confused since Halloween isn’t for another couple of days.  Haha…classic!

I’m glad Miss BeFit was able to join us and will hopefully be back to crush her time in a couple of months! 

Check out the article at: Miss BeFit: CrossFit LoDo

303 Magazine Helen WOD


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